Payments and Transfers

Paying your vendors and bills with BOK Financial is easy. Getting paid is just as easy with savvy business invoicing solutions. Check out our payment and transfer services to help you to safely and securely manage your business's money.

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Efficiently Manage Your Money

Why waste precious business time navigating bill payments, handling money transfers, and figuring out client invoicing? With BOK Financial payment and transfer services, you can efficiently manage your money from the comfort of your office. Reduce your paperwork and gain control over your cash flow today.

ACH Payments and Credits

Looking for a way to safely and securely send money or collect payments without having to write checks or wait on the mail? Use our Automated Clearing House (ACH) services to pay out and collect funds from financial institutions across the nation.

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Bill Payment

Now you can pay your bills or vendors directly from your business checking account. It's an easy, secure payment solution that can help reduce the time you spend manually keeping records.

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Receive Online Payments

It’s simple to enable a branded payment page and begin accepting cards and echecks/ACH in one convenient payment channel. Standard product features also allow you to create and send invoices.

Who Can I Speak With?

Our Business Bankers are ready and waiting to discuss your business needs. You can call them at (844) 517-3308, visit one of our Banking Centers or request more information.

Your Financial Resources

Building and running a successful business isn't easy, but BOK Financial is with you on every step of the journey. Here are some tips and tricks that might help you along the way.